Jan 30, 2008

Etsy Discoveries

Etsy is full of amazing things you never knew you needed. Just recently I found the shop of scrumdidlyump.
She has the most amazing ceramic tripod pieces!And these beautiful little mugs! Microwave safe! I'm just waiting for my PayPal account funds to get bigger.... She also has some pretty awesome bowls and trays. The colors just melt together and make each creation a unique and mesmerizing piece of art!

Jan 29, 2008

You need Beer

Holsters, that is. And who doesn't? These wonderful creations of Allen's are astonishing. The texture and beauty of the leather is amazing. Each one takes a lengthy process of wet-molding and tooling and staining and buffing and edging..... They're a handful, but they're worth it.

Imagine stunning your friends and neighbors with your stylish beer-filled swagger. They ooh and ahh with delight and jealousy.....

Jan 25, 2008

Buddy Bags are good for you

So you thought you could go the rest of your life without touching one of these? What were you thinking? Go to: Etrelles
I've been making these little buggers for quite some time and I adore them. The leather is incredibly soft and I usually add something that makes it completely unique like an exotic strip or circle or some laminated ephemera sewn in. They're incredibly handy, too. I usually don't prefer a wristlet over a purse, but my Buddy Bag was very useful at work.

I don't know if I'd ever like to mass-produce a particular Buddy; the notion of each one being an individual appeals to me a little bit more. As well as the fact that I get bored very easily.


Jan 24, 2008

Details are sketchy Time is shorter

I'm a little tired and a lot overwhelmed.

Hug your loved ones.
Terry Wayne Harris - January 24th 2008