Aug 18, 2010

Milk-Bone Theft Prevention Device:

Aug 14, 2010

New things

So, my little sister got a boat.

Just a little boat. She's trying to get her commercial fishing license, and hopefully soon after, a lucrative pasttime. She already has the first level license for shore fishing and has been turning quite a profit this summer. She'll be a senior in high school next year; I'm pretty proud!

I've been trying to get some new items listed in all three of my Etsy shops. This little flamingo cosmetic case is the first of many to come:

All in all, it's been a pretty good week. My day off is tomorrow and I hope to be productive. I really wanted to take advantage of the tax-free 'Back-to-School' weekend so I could get some new clothes and shoes for work, but the restaurant business has been very slow this week and I've had to scrape through the savings account to pay bills. Allen, luckily is making some overtime the next few weeks, so hopefully we'll still be able to go camping at the end of the month. We haven't been camping in at least two years,, so we're long overdue :)

Aug 2, 2010


Hooray for today! I'm very excited to announce two new additions to our Etrelle's shop:Two adorable leather change purses!
I have a to more lying around just WAITING to be listed online, so we'll see how much I can get accomplished today. There's also a to of beads waiting to be put into my Blenderbach store, also.

But, mostly I'm excited because today is Allen and my anniversary and while I'm not entirely sure what we'll be doing this evening (my poor guy has a cold) hopefully next weekend we'll be able to dart out of town for a few days and go camping! I'm typically not big on camping. I love nature and the great wide outdoors, but not necessarily sleeping and eating and relieving myself in it. However, for some reason Ive been dying to go out and spend a night outdoors. I blame the books I've been reading.
There are actually way more state parks and camping sites in Florida than I was ever aware of. We're still not 100% decided but I'd really like to visit Koreshan State Historic Site on the west coast of Florida. It's the location of a spiritual group that settled there in the early part of the twentieth century and died out by the 1960's. Fits in perfectly with my current Christopher Hitchens read. (almost done!)

ridiculous fascinations

Silly Bandz.I love these ridiculous things.

I was first introduced to them by a (adult) co-worker of mine who was given hers by a child on the beach. I thought they were cute and when I saw a package in the checkout line at CVS I bought them and brought them to work to split with my co-worker.
Since then I've been collecting them via donations (noted and not).

Working at the restaurant full time I've noticed that these adorably overpriced accoutrements must certainly be a pet peeve of parents everywhere. While I can see them as a silly hobby, it's apparent that they've become a menace to peace and quiet in much the same way as Pokemon cards and Pogs and Slap bracelets.

Luckily for me, children are easily distracted and messy. Cleaning up the tables after the patrons have gone, I've made a game of collecting these little bands that get left behind (and I'd like to think that this is much to the relief of the parents who now have one less plastic toy cluttering up the carpet and counters at home).

Hooray for fads!

Aug 1, 2010

and the winner is...

She wins this cute bug coinpurse:

Congratulations and thanks for entering!