Apr 19, 2011

Plant Life

My garden has been exploding thanks to not only our severe heat wave, but the rash of small thunderstorms that blew through in the past week. I'm trying some new additions, like potatoes and blueberries and trying failed attempts again (cucumbers, strawberries).
The cucumbers are so far progressing exactly the same. The plants become large and bushy, even small fruit appear:

But then the plant leaves yellow, some holes are noticeable, and eventually the plant withers and dies. I'm trying to avoid the withering and death part this time around but here's a picture of the middle sprout:
My strawberries, however, seem to be growing strong! This plant even has a half dozen flowers already:
And my scotch bonnet pepper seeds I harvested from Karen's crop have been slowly maturing. I'm certain they should be taller by now though.The potatoes are growing fabulously, as well as my cabbage and lettuce. The blueberry bush is still young; I think it might be awhile before I see any real growth.