Jul 28, 2010

I really want to list some of the huge mug collection online, but I'm not sure where the majority of them have gone. They were in two giant storage tubs and when my mother moved everything around for her yard sale we forgot where we put them. But I'm sure they're around somewhere.

Here's another mug from the cabinet; a cheerful Christmas collectible:

Jul 26, 2010


My morning started off brightly with a hot cup of coffee and a hopeful outlook on the day. Of course, it soon came crashing down and I had to postpone most of my scheduled itinerary to deal with interruptions and shennanigans and now I have a stunning headache which I hope to dispel with a hot shower and nice long nap.
I did manage to get some lovely pictures of my garden early in the day.
My serrano pepper plant:

And my newly-transplanted corn has begun to grow:

Maybe I can spend the evening curled up on the couch with a good movie and a giant bowl of ice cream with hot fudge.

Jul 21, 2010

more treasury fun

Featured in TWO more treasuries!

First this beeeaaauuuutiful and bold one called There's A Bright Idea by CheersToJuly:

And this colorful and supremely super treasury called To The Rescue by LysanderNViviana:

Jul 19, 2010


It's that time again! Time to host another GIVEAWAY!

This time I'm offering this cute coinpurse for the insect-lovers.
It's made from a bold blue metallic leather and soft brown leather in the front. Closes with a segma snap. The beetle is a thick 3-D sticker which has been sewn onto the leather.

These little coinpurses are durable and holds a heck of a lot of change!

To enter you simply go check out our leather shop HERE and come back to leave a comment about your favorite item. That's it!Don't forget to leave your name and a way to contact you (etsy shop name or email address).
For extra entries you can:

#1 - Follow my tweets at twitter.com/etrelles (please leave a link for your twitter account)

#2 - tweet about this giveaway (please leave a link for your twitter account)

#3 - Blog about this giveaway (please leave a link to your blog post)

Please leave a new comment for each entry.

This contest ends at 11:59 pm EST on July 29th. The winner will be announced the following day.

Things for Tuesday

I wish I didn't have to work today, but, well, you know. Bills.

I'm trying to post new coffee mugs again. If you've followed my blog for awhile, you may remember that I was posting pictures of my mother's enourmous mug collection. I've recently cleaned out the cupboards and am once again trying to use a new mug every day.

Here's one I found of my sister's (it has her name on the other side):

And in garden news, I've torn out some old, dying tomatoes the cucumbers that never really were to make room for new peppers. I also have three watermelon seedlings to get in the ground but I haven't decided where to put them yet because they'll need so much room.
Check out these awful creatures that were devouring my tomatoes earlier in the week:

Soooooo sleepy.
Finally picked up Allen's buddy from the airport last night. Late last night.
Our original plan (because Allen had to work the closing shift) was for me to pick up Buddy when his flight came in at 11:20pm and then drive to pick up Allen from work at 1am. Unfortunately, the flight had been delayed almost two hours so I ended up driving all over town to go back and pick up Allen at 1am and then drove BACK to the airport and finally collapsing into bed around 3:30am.
Woke up late and kicked the boys out to go do fun Florida things. Now maybe I'll be able to get some items listed online..

Jul 18, 2010

Treasury Madness

Our Etrelle's goodies are in TWO treasuries!
This first one is called Beauty is Truth, Truth Beauty... by jenglo:
And this bright yellow treasury called A Little More Sunshine by loftyambitions:I love them!

Jul 16, 2010

It's that time...

Time for work.
I'd really like to be able to call my work day 'over' at 2 pm but unfortunately my job doesn't need me to clock in until 10:30am which demands I work much later in order to accrue some substantial hours. Maybe I just need to manage my time better.

Ah, well. Sunday, you're so close!

Jul 12, 2010

Things from the closet

I've been trying to keep my HolyPotato etsy shop stocked, due to my mother's growing Pile Of Things in The Garage. We've come across a couple old original paintings and fun retro toys. My mom and aunt even took one of the paintings up to Antique Roadshow and found out that was worth a grand! (I didn't get a picture of it, but it's an oil painting by Pierre Bertrand, who, by the way, I couldn't for the life of me find anything about through an intense Google search).

I have a ton of these Playbills; various dates and performances.and these cool cards:Still a TON more. Wish me luck!

Jul 7, 2010


It IS a wonderful Wednesday.
My co-worker asked me to let her work my shift tonight so she could bank some extra money for her 21st birthday bash (she rented some rooms at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino for the occasion - a much better plan than my own 21st) and I'm taking the day off.
So my fabulous day has been spent tooling around in the garden, playing facebook apps, and eating these awesome Key Lime cookies from Bob's Bunz in Islamorada:
My mother's friend went down to the Keys for a few days, leaving her dog here with us. When she came back, she brought us the gift of cookies! These things are DELICIOUS! I think I'm the only one in the house eating them, too, which is very strange considering we're all Key Lime fans (and cookie fans).
But hey, I'm not complaining - more for me! (Thank goodness there's two bags!)

Jul 5, 2010

Happy 5th oF July!

Because I missed the Fourth.

It's been raining for two days straight now and, although we definitely needed the rain, I had just planted some pepper seedlings outside, which I'm afraid will fall victim to flooding. Of course, I've had the past two days off (why wouldn't it rain the whole time) so I've been able to go out Align Centerand check on them frequently.

Some good news, though: My first strawberry flower!
And my garden harvest from yesterday:There's some tomatoes of various sizes, banana peppers, spinach and mesclun lettuce, and one small onion.

I wish that I had the foresight to buy some fireworks this year. I was so busy working and dealing with other issues that I had completely forgotten the 4th of July until a cashier asked me on Saturday if I was "gearing up for the Fourth". Even though I had no plans my neighbors decided to go all out this year shooting off exploding devices of all sizes, shapes, and colors. It really was a lot more noise and commotion than years past, and I think that was due to the constant rain. All the saturated grass and soil must have set people thinking there was less of a chance of setting fires with stray rockets and falling embers. The past two years were a drought during the Fourth.Print by Ibilbs14

So I got quite a show and a relaxing evening, despite my garden anxiety.

I hope everyone had a great Independence Day!