Sep 30, 2008

Old things

So much to do today and so little time to do it. But I would like to show off some new vintage stuff I listed in my HolyPotato Etsy store:I have lots of vintage sewing patterns and sheet music. I'm not too sure how well sheet music sells but I figured it was worth a try.

Sep 29, 2008

Good Week For.....

Not only did I make one:

but I was featured in several!
These sandals made it into a list by LeatherFromTheAbyss!And this list by Blestbeads!And also THIS treasury by washmycloth!I'm very much feeling the love. Now off to make leather goods (and mail some).

Sep 27, 2008


I was tagged by Megan!

seven things you didn't know about me:

1. I draw cartoons. Actually a lot of people know that but I suspect most people who read my blog do not, since the focus is mainly on my wicked leather skills. I doodle and paint and write comic strips. Right now I'm working on a monkey comic book.
2. I do not like mushrooms. Even the psychedelic variety. ick.

3. I am currently reading my first fiction book in almost a decade. For the past 9 years I have preferred the company of non-fiction, especially radically charged environmental, political, and social topics. But no, this new book, Corelli's Mandolin, was picked up on a whim and I'm enjoying it very much. I didn't even know it was made into a movie until I started writing this post :P
4. I saw Henry Rollin's spoken word last night. Okay, you might have known that, but you didn't know it was AWE-SOME.

5. I like musicals. I even like R. Kelly's Trapped in a Closet. So sue me.

6. I am technology resistant. I wouldn't even have a cell phone right now if my parents hadn't thrown one at me before a cross-country drive one year. I shiver at the idea of owning an ipod or blue tooth headset or a blackberry (whatever those things are).

7. I am a middle child. Two sisters. I need attention all the time now.


Tonight I'm going to see Henry Rollins in Ft. Lauderdale!

I'm very excited. It's been forever since I've been to a performance of any kind. Come to think of it, I believe the last thing was "The Boyfriend" last year at the Maltz Theater (formally the Burt Reynold's Theater) in Jupiter.

Sep 26, 2008

Slow with my Hands

I have, for quite some time, been unable to give my undivided attention to any one thing for longer than, I dunno........... what time is it now? If I start making sandals I have to stop halfway through and work on something else. If I'm cleaning the living room I'll realize the bathroom is dirty and must be cleaned first. No wait, the bedroom. No, the kitchen! Luckily, my night job comes with distraction built right in, so I never have to focus on any one thing longer than ten minutes.
Really this isn't a problem for me, but it can be frustrating.
Take this blanket I've been crocheting:
I've been working on this for FOUR years. Well, I'll give it three because for almost a whole year it lay in a box because I forgot where I packed it when we moved. But my point is, that I cannot do more than two lines of this blanket in one sitting. My fingers hurt, my eyes hurt, my brain hurts. At this rate I'll have a lovely blanket for my non-yet-existing children to take off to college.

How on earth do the crochet and knitters make those lovely sweaters and hats and bags? Unless I get a lobotomy, I guess I'll never know.

Sep 25, 2008

Etsy Finds

Oh WOW! I woke up this morning to having my little cosmetic case on the front page of Etsy! An excellent way to start my day.

So I wanted to show off some of my favorites. Like this adorable dismembered baby doll coat rack by OneLuckyFish.
It's so fantastic! Someone needs to buy me this for Christmas. Or today. Right now.

And how about this seed brooch by seapod? This store is full of fancy little doodads in the forms of amoebas and cells and seeds. I don't often wear pins but I'd make many exceptions for these.

Sep 24, 2008

The Storque!

How exciting! Yesterday I got a quick note letting me know this little cosmetic case would be featured in an Etsy Finds article!

After a quick glance of the Storque related items I found Allen's Beer holsters! They were lovingly being adored in an Oktoberfest article!

Note to self: Check out the Storque more often.....

Sep 22, 2008

Online Fun

Oh, the past few days have been a blur of partying hardy and celebrating Allen's birthday. Much fun was had and quite the nasty hangover. Tonight I'm excited to do little more than get comfortable on the couch and watch the Heroes series premiere with some popcorn. But I have a ton of housework that I have been neglecting the past few days so I need to hop to it!
In the meantime check out this lovely new clutch I've made:
I love it! If only texture could be felt through the computer! Someone needs to invent those machines from the Jetsons that allow you to try on clothes from home....

I think I'm going to make one of these for myself - maybe a bit bigger.

Sep 19, 2008

My treasury

This was my most recent treasury and I am especially proud:

Oh I wish I was better at editing my blog page!

Sep 17, 2008

I've been Blogged!

Hooray! Thanks so much to nanjodogz!
Here's the link.

So, I've decided to open a new Etsy store: HolyPotato. It's for vintage things that my mother brings home and/or has lying around. I have all kinds of things!

And I'm going to attempt a few more marketing and selling venues.

Warm weather still Upon Us

It's true. It never really goes away.

Here are some sandals to brighten up your non-winter days:

Here in south Florida we don't have to get out any wool socks or rubber boots. It's this wonderfully warm time of year that makes you appreciate the nonsense that goes on around you the rest of the seasons.

Sep 15, 2008

Silent Auction

Today's post is a bit sad but I thought it was worth passing on:

Silent Auction For Carol

please click on the above link and check out the story and items up for auction.
Here's a quick piece from the blog:

"Words from Scott:

Carol Decker, my wife, had an emergency cesarean section on June 10, 2008. After the surgery she developed life-threatening hypotension from a septic pneumonia infection. After fighting for several weeks, the medicine she was on to save her life had the unfortunate side effect of blocking blood flow to her legs, left arm and eyes.

Since then, Carol has had both legs below the knee amputated, her left arm amputated and she is blind."

Sep 14, 2008

handbags! oh my!

There are so many bags lying about my shop. I need to get myself to a craft show. I'm thinking once October rolls around I can go sign up for Lake Worth Evening on the Avenue. It's not expensive at all, yet still juried.
I've been burnt out on shows for a while - I don't usually have a ton of success in choosing venues, I suppose - but at least if it's not expensive I'm just out a couple hours of my time and little else.

Ah, well. back to work :)

Sep 12, 2008

Diary 2009 Project

Hooray! It's out!
Earlier this year I participated in a Diary Project by Fantazya. Today I checked my email and it's out! I'm very excited to have been a part of this and I wish I had the money in PayPal to throw down on one right now. She has two versions - the printed book and CD pdf file (for lower shipping cost).
I prefer the printed book version since I hate the Kinkos.
My page is pretty!

Sep 11, 2008


New Cuffs with stripes!

I'm pretty excited about them - they're super soft and I love the color combinations. I'm going to have to make more. So much more.
I don't know why, striped seem to be my thing right now.

Allen's mowing the lawn and soon I'll be back in the shop making more cuffs. Before going into the night job. I kind of want to quit my night job. It seems the only I reason to go there any more is socializing but lately I've been working by myself so there's not even that.
Ah, well.

Sep 10, 2008

Oodles of Chrome

The newest cuff:
A deep blue exotic fish hide under chrome ostrich-print leather.

I actually made this one a while ago but couldn't get any nice pictures. Don't you hate it when that happens?

Sep 9, 2008

Should I or shouldn't I?

This little guy started out as a wristlet in my head but ended up a organizer / clutch.
Now I'm deciding if I should leave it alone or add a small handle.
Oh, what to do, what to do.....

And introducing....

A new Cuff!

I usually try to stick to leather as my material but some fabric just call out to me so I've been incorporating them into my work lately. This is my first cuff, though!

Sep 8, 2008


Ah, the birthdays, the holidays, the gift-giving. It all begins now and never really seems to end.
So as a gentle reminder (and shameless plug) here are a few fabulous gift ideas for the ones you love!

Unique and one-of -a-kind leather Wristlet Buddy Bags:
Unique and one of a kind leather cuffs!
And BEER holsters!

Sep 7, 2008

Woooooah -Sally That Girl

As per usual, mass hysteria wins out over patience and logic every time.
Although I do feel for everyone in Ike's path - it is quite a horrific storm.

Music Videos by VideoCure

And I've taken up showing off a music video a day on my MySpace account. After countless attempts to view music videos through my multiple cable stations (Mtv, Mtv2, Vh1, Fuse, etc...) and coming up with nothing - because they're consumed with playing reality series that have little to do with reality (and music) - I've decided someone need to do it.

Since starting this I've been reminded that most older videos from the early days of Mtv had a story line. (Think Thriller.) It seems newer videos jump right into the song and look more like an ad for a Sandals beach resort.

Sep 6, 2008

I Need to Make Stuff

I do. I haven't been creating in a while so I will be back in the shop today! Hooray for making stuff.
And here's a taste of something new:

Sep 5, 2008

Oh No!


So, here's the forecast for the next couple days: wind, rain, wind, rain, thunderstorms, more wind, and possible power outages.
Hannah, while not a serious threat, is currently pelting us with random showers and making it impossible to finish painting my sister's dresser. Ike seems to be quite the monster at the moment but it is still too early to accurately pinpoint where it will land.
I guess we need to go to Costco and stock up on water.....

Sep 4, 2008

Hee hee

I love watching TCM. There are thousands of movies out there that I have never seen, actors that wowed before my time and lived before I was born.
I'm watching "How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying" (1967) as I write this.

I think what I find the most entertaining was that the entire screenplay was written based on an actual book. It does have the usual cheesy touches that comes from any movie based on a play or musical, but I suppose that's a great deal of the charm. And speaking of the musical numbers, they're not catchy enough to really add much spice to the movie, but they do manage to keep them short at least which makes for mostly painless transitions between scenes.

So far I'm loving it!
Now back to the movie - Hedy LaRue is being pouty!

Sep 3, 2008


My mother found these old photos of two shops owned by my grandfather. The Dad and Lad store was a joint ownership with his father (my great-grandfather)

I'm not entirely certain, but I believe the Cobbler shop was down here in south Florida.
The other is in Michigan.
These old pictures are fun to look at and remind me of the two other locations my father owned. Oh, the years I spent in those stores, minding the counter, shining shoes while watching cartoons, and getting a new toy for a job well done.

More Treasuries?!

Hooray! This one included my beads from my Blenderbach store:

Thanks to WisconsinMom for including me!

Sep 2, 2008


I'm included in another beautiful treasury by GrooveyCrafts!
Thank you!

Sep 1, 2008

A Full Evening

Last night Allen and I headed out to the 80's Prom - we were quite the pretty couple! I wore a huge white poofy bridal dress that was re-worked with a big green belt and slashed top. I tried to achieve big hair but the most I could hope for were hair-sprayed curls that fell within a few hours. Allen wore a fancy striped shirt and tie with the sleeves ripped off and a mullet!! Even my sister came as our DD with a lovely pink and black ensemble.

Oodles of fun was had. And I ran into people I haven't seen in nearly 12 years! And I got to dance to 80's music all night with $1 beers. My only disappointment was my camera battery died halfway through the evening.

Now if we can just keep these hurricanes away.......