Jun 20, 2011


Our hideous, yet mesmerizing landmark FPL towers have been demolished.
My sisters and I went out on my sister's boat, the Hakuna Matata to watch the explosion from the waters of the intercoastal. The boat left dock at 8 am and it was already blistering hot.
Loads of people had come out for the event and tents lined up on Peanut Island behind us from beach-goers who camped out overnight.
At 8:30 the blast went off and sent shock waves through the water. I was surprised the towers fell to the left, as I had assumed they'd implode and fall straight down. In just nine seconds the towers, two boilers and a water tower were completely collapsed and a huge cloud of smoke burst out and to the north.
Once the smoke cleared the boats began to scatter and we made our way back to dock. I've never watched a demolition before so I found the whole thing pretty thrilling.
The view is sure different now.

Jun 14, 2011

Too many creepy frogs on the front porch...

Jun 13, 2011

A few nights ago I was chillin outside playing on my laptop when I hear a rustling in the tall grass. I resume my internet browsing, assuming it's just another large toad, when suddenly this HUGE mouse comes running from the yard up the grass right next to me on the porch! I was startled but it appeared that the rodent was more so. After a few seconds of staring each other down, he ran around the porch into my tomato plant to the right of me.
Crisis averted.
Or so I thought.
A few minutes later he comes full speed out of the tomato bush, smashes head first into my soda can, regains his composure and bolts across the porch to the thick bushes on the other side.
... And then I noticed my aunt's big black cat quietly emerge from behind the tomato...

Jun 12, 2011

My lil Buddy

Some kid must have left their tiny stormtrooper behind at the restaurant. My older sister texted me this first picture of him last weekend and he's since been occupying the host stand at work.
I made him some lightsabers out of toothpicks on Friday and carried him around in my apron.
Finally, on Saturday, I just brought him home to enjoy his new position as my garden security.