Jan 27, 2010


The fair was a spectacular success. We were able to go twice this year, which was an absolute joy for me; we were unable to attend for the past four years. The first pass around was a VIP function, prior to the official fair 'opening day'. My sister's boyfriend scored the free tickets from his dad's work and we all got enjoy FREE admission, FREE rides, FREE buffet, and.... FREE booze! Although we didn't take part in that awesome deal. my sister's too young to drink and Allen and I didn't want to get ill on any of the rides. Although, it's a shame because outside in the midway beers cost $8.00 each.
$8.00!!? Really.
The second time around, Allen, my cousin and I went to go see the Blue Oyster Cult play on the main stage.
It. Was. Amazing.

After the show we walked around and checked out the midway and ate some food.Align CenterUnfortunately the rides were too expensive for us to enjoy and the animal tents were closed. Which is a shame, because I love the animal tents.
All in all a good time, though!
And Mikey dunked that awful clown!

Jan 22, 2010

Friday Funtime

Ah, coffee...

I'm about to run into work on very little sleep. But it was totally worth it.

Last night Allen, my cousin, and I went to the Blue Oyster Cult show and then ran around the South Florida Fair to enjoy the sights and smells and unfortunately not the rides, because we didn't have enough money.

However, all in all, a fantastic evening. I have a ton of pictures to go through, but here's a sneak preview:

Jan 18, 2010

Jan 12, 2010

Tuesday Blahs

Well Tuesday are my back-to-work-days and I've got the blahs. The only thing keeping me going is a promise I made to myself to be productive today. That, and a steady flow of chick-Fil-A sweet tea.

Found this little buddy hiding in my mom's lillies:

Jan 10, 2010

Winter Blues

It is SO COLD!
Now, I know anyone who lives north of me probably has little sympathy, but it is FREEZING in south Florida! I mean, c'mon, that's why we all live here - the year-round warmth. They're predicting ice on the roads and possibly..... snow!?

All this is taking me back to my childhood when, at the age of eight, I saw "snow" for the first time. It was similar temperatures that year and my sister and I stayed up late one night with my father, waiting for it to get cold enough. Sure enough, we went outside and saw tiny snowflakes falling through the rays of the porchlight. However, it wasn't THAT cold, so the little flakes dissapated before they even reached our heads.

The first time I really encountered snow was in the mountains of Tennessee while we were moving to Kansas in the late winter. I was 18.
I might just stay up late tonight and see if there's any snow :)

Online Gaming

More like online app'ing. I've become enamoured with my facebook applications and can't stop playing Farmville!
And Restaurant city (my little people use the toilet!) Now I'm all into Pet Society. My little guy is adorable!
Now that I've spent my morning goofing off, I should really get some work done !

Jan 7, 2010

Jan 4, 2010

broken Pipes

So a repairman came out today to fix our broken pool pump, and in the process, stepped on a water pipe and broke it. No water! Luckily it was fixed quickly and the only person inconvenienced was my cousin, who desperately wanted a shower.
A quick trip to Chick-Fil-A diverted our attentions long enough to wait for the water to be fixed and have full bellies (and sweet tea!)
*bonus* - I think the pool pump is working!

Now I just have to focus on accomplishing something today. After watching the past few days go by without getting much done, I've realized that I try to tackle too many things at once. Right now, forinstance, I'm thinking about how I need to list a bunch of things online and clean the entire house and re-arrange my bedroom furniture.

I've decided to only keep one task in front of me, to see if that helps. Today I'll be focusing on listing items.

By the way, does anyone know how this Teavana Tea Harmony glass tumbler with tea strainer works? My mom got it as a gift and it didn't come with instructions.

It says it's ideal for "capturing the perfect bouquet of blooming tea". Do we need special teas for it? I tried looking online but couldn't find any help.

Jan 3, 2010

getting the show on the road

Well, I am so far enjoying this beautiful, yet cold Sunday off from work. Thanks to the new newspaper layout, I spent twenty minutes searching for the Sunday comics (with the help of my mother, no less) and was finally able to relax outside with my enourmous cup of coffee and watch my plants grow.
I started up a Soopsee account, but I'm still a bit confused about how to get my twitter attatched. I hear they have great customer support, so I guess we'll see :)

Jan 2, 2010


Wow, has it really been TEN years since 1999? Since the Y2K panic? Since I sat on the beach with my best friend drinking Malibu rum and watching the fireworks over the ocean?
Out with an old decade and in with a new!

My garden is starting the new year nicely: my tomatoes are turning red, my lettuce is bountiful, my cherry tomatoes are VERY fruitful, and our squash is growing very nicely!

AND the cucumber lemon that I thought was dead has prouced fruit!
Here's to a great New Year!