Mar 29, 2011

Our handmade leather Marina Sandals are in a FAB new treasury by TooCute11:
A Weekend At The Beach HouseAnd check out these delicious looking chocolate dipped sea salt toffee shards by SugarMouthCandy: I'm drooling!

"Grow Some Moss In Your Bathroom!"
I found this while scrolling through my tumblr feed: "Live Moss Carpet - a soft grass carpet that thrives from the few drops of water you leave behind when getting our of the shower or bath." Well, gross.
Everyone else who commented seemed enamoured with the idea of stepping out of the clean shower onto some slimy moss so I guess I'm in the minority saying that this seems like the last thing I want to put my feet on after getting out of the bath.

Mar 26, 2011

Did you know that pineapple fruit is actually created by up to 200 tiny flowers that join together to make one massive fruit?
I didn't.
My pineapple plant is FINALLY producing fruit! It's been about a year and a half since I stuck the old top in the soil. Here's a close up:
I'm hoping this one survives to at least a slightly decent size. The last pineapple we had fruit grew to the size of a grapefruit and than promptly died. If it doesn't work this time at least I have reinforcements on the way!

Mar 13, 2011


Tiny little grasshoppers are living in my backyard garden. They always keep together and travel in a group. One day they were all resting on my pineapple plant.

I love the little buggers!When I was little I used to catch them and keep them in little plastic bug-keepers. Usually they would escape after a few days.

Mar 12, 2011

Clever, Helpful, Practical, Whimsical by MaskingTapeFromJapanMy Georges Briard glass tumbler set is featured in this fab Etsy treasury - check it out!

Mar 7, 2011

Here comes trouble...
Buddy Cat (aka 'Belly') is something else entirely.
Allen and I brought him home one day, along with another little kitty about 3 years ago. My best friend had broken up with her boyfriend, was moving and hadn't yet found a new home, so she was spending a few weeks couch-surfing. The boyfriend refused to take the cats and she couldn't find any other temporary homes for them, even from family and friends. As a last resort, Allen and I accepted the kitties into our lives and they've been pooping here happily ever since.
Buddy Cat, however, is the strangest creature. He's always been known as "that dick cat" due to his tendencies to randomly attack and bite people, their shoes, and other kitties. That behavior never really stopped but has morphed into something a little sweeter.
He immediately took to the dogs we already had, following them around and mimicking their behavior. When the dogs were fed, he wanted to be fed. When they got milkbones, he wanted one. When it's time to go outside to do toilet business, he's right there with them.
Now when I'm outside in the garden, I'll hear the pitter patter of his tiny feet running behind me and when I turn to look at him he stops and meows. He'll jump into my lap for quick snuggles and even puts his arms around your neck for a hug."Oh, look! Grass I can eat and puke up on the carpet later! Yum!"

I love this fuzzy, arrogant, and high-strung bugger and despite the fact that I am SO not a cat person, I can't imagine my life without the little monster.

Mar 6, 2011

Oranges! (maybe)

Speaking of things that take WAY too long to grow...
Our orange tree has blossoms!
We planted this buddy as a little sapling about three years ago, along with a grapefruit tree (which has since died) and I've waited patiently to see the fruits of my labor. Literally.
Trees are difficult for me. I'm an impatient person. I want results and I want them yesterday, so having to wait for several YEARS to see any major growth out of a plant is nearly unbearable for me. Which explains why the grapefruit died, I eventually became bored with them and spent long periods of time skillfully ignoring both trees. The orange simply had the luck of being hardier and resisting my attempts to neglect it into an early grave.
Any now - blossoms! This picture was taken about a week ago when I first noticed the tiny green buds sprouting all over.
And this picture was taken two days ago:
Hopefully we'll see some small fruits this summer!

Mar 1, 2011

Ain't got nothing on my word jumble...