Aug 31, 2009

I do Love mondays

I really do.
The leather shop AND the t-shirt place are closed Mondays and the night job never needs me on Monday anymore, so I always have the whole day OFF! Hooray! I got some major errands done and mailed some goodies out at the post office. Although, as I was leaving some nasty driver on her phone zoomed right behind my rear end and honked at me as I was backing out of my space. I was almost all the way out already!! What a jerk. Florida drivers are The. Worst. Ever. And I love this state, but c'mon, people! Just because you're in a hurry doesn't mean you can arrogantly assume you own the road and put others in danger with erratic and careless behavior!
*whew* Sorry about the rant.
Did I say I love Mondays?

Anyways, check out my mint!

Aug 30, 2009

Allen's been working on a new beer holster!

This one's stained black with a large silver concho and lacing.
I'm hoping for some more shoulder holsters - I love those things!

Aug 29, 2009

It's been raining for the past few days so I haven't really been out to the backyard to check on the garden. Today I ventured out to make sure everything was still alive and discovered that my corn has DOUBLED in size!! Now I really need to get the rest of my corn in the ground asap!

And to answer the question of how many mugs?
I don't know. But here's a picture of the cabinet filled with about 1/3 of them. My estimate is that there's about 100 mugs in there. the top level is all Christmas mugs. And we have the Morton salt mugs too! But they're not in this cabinet; I believe they're in a large laundry basket in the hall closet. :)

Aug 25, 2009


What a week! After work on Saturday we went to the last 48-hour-bicycle-build-off at the henhouse. In case you don't know what that is, (which I'm sure you don't) I'll explain. The henhouse is a large warehouse where volunteers get together to build bikes for charity and neighborhood kids with Jack the Bike Man. The warehouse is being closed because of high rent costs and hopefully the operation will be relocated elsewhere. In the meantime, everyone had one last party Saturday night celebrating the good times shared by all.

I've been working on a new sandal style this week - check it out!! I really like the design, but I'll need to re-work it a bit. The fit is a bit off, unfortunately. I gave them leather soles and a small heel.
I aslo have a few mugs to post....

This maxwell House mug is tiny and cute. not sure of the age but I'd guess at least 20 years old:

And this elephant mug was my favorite mug as a kid. Every Christmas my sister and I were allowed to remove one display mug from the wall to use for our hot cocoa and I'd pick this one. Yay! I found it!

Aug 22, 2009


I had switched with a co-worker to get the night off tonight. And then they asked me to come in anyways. Thhpt.
In other news, my jalapenos have sprouted! These are seeds I harvested from my current plant, just like my cherry tomatoes and cherry peppers. So far no wax peppers, though.

Another mug: My little Pony!

Aug 21, 2009

Friday Night!

My day has been a little switched around! I usually work at the leathershop or t-shirt printing place in the morning and the restaurant job at night. However, a co-worker wanted to switch so I'd work at the restaurant in the morning. Which means I have friday night off! Woo!
I'm very excited.
And here's my mug O' the day:

We actually have a couple of these mugs from the now-closed Ocean World in Fort Lauderdale. I really don't remember going as a kid, but it sounded fun!

Aug 18, 2009

Back To Work

Ah, printing t-shirts....

The back of our garage/office is more beachy than neccessary for a place so far inland; there's sand instead of soil, kayaks, bikes and scooters. Our walls are even painted in tropical citrus colors!
And speaking of the beach...
Here's my mom's seashell mug!

Aug 16, 2009

Gardening Again

So I've gotten the hang of this gardening thing. I've already taken seeds from my first harvest and started a batch for fall. They've gotten so big, I had to re-plant most of them already. I'll have to get to the rest today.
Here's some of my cherry tomatoes:

And my cherry peppers:

I also started a pineapple:

And here's my Mug O the Day!

It's an old souvenier from our local zoo here in West Palm Beach.

Aug 13, 2009


For years, my mother has collected quite a variety of mugs. Some are large, some small, some ceramic, some glass, some handpainted, (etc.).... Often, they were displayed on the walls of our house growing up and were rarely used.
Until now!
When cleaning up the old place, my mom came across many of the mugs being stored in cardboard boxes. She brought them in and cleaned them up - and now we have hundreds of mugs to use! I had no idea there were so many!
Here's two of my favorites so far:
Panda mug:

And this Daisy Mug, which my mother tells me was one of the first she recived after she and my father were married:

Aug 10, 2009

monday madness

Treasury Time! Check out this awesome treasury featuring one of my cuffs by DizzyDaisy!

Aug 8, 2009


Well, well, well... I guess I'm guilty of ignoring my blog. Again.

We've been terribly busy this month, between work, play, and more work! A couple of beer holsters have been shipped out:

And my peppers have have been harvested! Unfortunately, they're not very big. The two small peppers are hot peppers that I think got warped through cross-breeding.

I have a whole new season of cherry tomatoes growing! I harvested the seeds from my first plantings (the tomatoes are delicious!) and hopefully we'll have ripe tomatoes by the time the first generation harvest is finished.