Jul 28, 2008

Who watches the Watchmen?

I'm so excited! Unfortunately we'll have to wait almost a year for it.
If you have the opportunity I recommend you find the graphic novel. It's amazing how many of the scenes are straight from the panels!

Jul 26, 2008


Oh it's a slow start to a slow dale and sales have been slow and I'm moving slow and blahhhhhh....
Darn summer heat. Although I'm terribly tempted to make a date for the beach tomorrow morning. Blue skies and sand.Maybe I can even stop by the Thirsty Turtle and enjoy some happy hour with cracked conch! *drooling*

Jul 24, 2008

Sorry for the Delay

I haven't been blogging much, have I? But I have been creating so I can show them off in this quick post:Here are two awesome new snap wallets! The one on the left is some sharp blue kidskin with orange spots hand-dyed onto it. The right one is a fancy exotic red fish hide.
My little sister designed a new bag for me to sew! Love this one!
Allen cleaned up (ooooh, vacuumed floors!)

Jul 17, 2008

Things I want

I want the following:

One giant robotic walking panda.

One portable rotary phone:
If you loved me, I would have these things already.

Shame on you for making me wait.

Jul 14, 2008

Peck's Handbag!

It sold! Hooray for Peck! And me!

Allen made another bag, also. He always seems to be unsure of them once they're finished.
I suppose that's an artist trait. But I really like this bag! It's a simple pattern but extremely comfortable!
And I'm working on a blue, beige, and brown bag today!

Hooray for bags!

Jul 10, 2008


The flora and fauna around my home!

We have a new visitor to our yard. A little mouse! Actually, he's a pretty fat mouse. I've never really seen any mice or rats in our yard before (although my sister swears she has) so it's a little odd. I chased him all over before I was able to get these pictures:
Then I discovered a small house plant that has somehow escaped his pot! Last year I had a bunch of potted plants that thrived for a short time before they all died horrific deaths due to extreme weather and my lack of interest. Or so I thought. Apparently this little guy managed to thwart my amazing plant-killing powers. I'm trying to decide if I should chance moving him (so he won't be run over my the lawn mower) or letting him continue to live in this dangerous little plot of land.
Then we have this enormous frog. I came outside the other night and was so amazed by his size I had to take a picture. You may not be able to tell from the photo, but his forearms are HUGE!
I named him Biggie.And of course, Buddy watches it all.....

Jul 6, 2008

Beer tasting

So last night I got off from my night job extra early and therefore had the oppurtunity to check out the new Wine and Beer store in our plaza. They have a "build your own 6-pack" special so I scoured their enormous selection of single strange brews. And when I say enormous I mean, HUGE! I was in the aisle for quite some time, stopping to call Allen and ask for advice, then scanning the labels some more.
I was mostly looking for light-colored ales (I'm not a Guiness fan) but ended up choosing a few based on a fun label or pure novelty.

The first beer Allen and I tried was the Chili Beer. When I scooped this one up, I didn't notice it had an actual chili pepper in the bottle, which, upon opening, floated to the top like a lime.
Allen took a huge swig first and then choked on the spicy flavor. This beer is HOT! I tried a tiny bit and my mouth burned for about 20 minutes afterwards. We ended up putting a cork in it for possible future use.The next one we tried was called Skull Splitter - a Scottish ale. This was was very dark at bitter (I thought). Allen didn't particularly like it, either.
The final beer we tried was called Birra Moretti, an Italian brand. I really liked this one. Very light and no awful after-taste.

We'll have to try the last three beers some other night.

Jul 4, 2008

Happy 4th

After having my fill of hot dogs I logged on to Etsy to find a pleasant surprise!
We're on the front page!
How awesome is that?

Happy Independence Day!

Jul 3, 2008

Hooray for fireworks and kitties

I don't have to work tomorrow! My first Friday off in....... I don't remember!
Although I most likely will go into our workshop to finish this REALLY awesome tote I started yesterday.

I worked at the restaurant last 4th of July - so I figured this year I would chill with my family and Allen. Unfortunately, it's been raining every single day for weeks now, and I don't see too much of a chance for clear skies tomorrow.
Want to hear my kitty story?

Yesterday I was awoken by my kitty, Newt, jumping, claw-first, into my skull.
I'm not sure if he was scared of something, or simply trying out a new aerial maneuver. Either way, the result had me screaming myself awake, which, in turn, had Allen awake. When I explained that the cat had jumped on my head I touched the sore spot and looked at my hands. Blood. Great. Thanks kitty - you know how head wounds bleed. As I was cleaning the wound in the bathroom Newt came in and apologized profusely, so all is forgiven.

Check out these awesome kitty catnip cookies by JakeandMicah.