Feb 28, 2010

So.... I did go to the Ozzy autograph signing. Although it was really a book-signing, since they strictly enforced a no-memorbilia policy. My sister showed up with a purchased book and wristband for the line, so after work we went straight over to begin.... waiting.
To be completely honest, I would have left after an hour if not for the fact that one of my co-workers paid me to get him a signed copy. I love Ozzy, but I'm not a social person and waiting in line for HOURS with hundreds of people who have nothing better to do but strike up a conversation with the nearest warm body is close to my own personal hell.

By the time I made it up to Ozzy, his handlers were shoving books and humans through as fast as they could, which left no time for interaction. I didn't even get a glance up from Ozzy, let alone a handshake or greeting, but at that point I don't think either one of us was in any mood for conversation, so we did each other a favor.

So anyways, I got three books signed, two for my co-workers and one for Allen and I. I haven't gotten too far into the book, but it's actually pretty good. And despite the trauma, I'm glad I went.

but I'm never. doing that. again.

Feb 24, 2010

Springtime? Almost.

The weather has warmed and birds are chirping (or warbling or squeaking, etc.) and the sun is mostly shining. Since we're supposed to have another cold front come through on Thursday I used today as an opportunity to go green-onion-crazy in my garden. Now, if you're wondering why I'm planting before a cold front comes through, it's because I live in south Florida. Hence, our "cold front" will only be dropping us down to 40 degrees (although, trust me, we'll be freezing).
In other news, Ozzy Osbourne will be at our local Barnes and Noble store signing autographs on Friday. Even though I'd love to see him, and I'd really like to get my boyfriend's old Black Sabbath cassette tape signed, I don't know how much I can stomach the idea of waiting in line for hours on end. I've done it once before, for an ICP (don't laugh) signing when I was a kid, and even then it was an ALL DAY event. Plus I have to work at 5 that night.
Ah, well. Maybe I'll be able to just walk over to barnes and noble before work and catch a glimpse :)

Feb 8, 2010

Spring time wishes

Even though the weather has taken another dip into cold temperatures, it is February, and in south Florida, that means Spring is right around the corner.
I've already begun to plant a few herbs and peppers, and hopefully today I get started on a new season of tomatoes and onions.
My strawberries are coming back to life:

I should probably plant some more lettuce, also. I've been spoiled by such a fabulous winter harvest of my mesclun varieties.

Feb 6, 2010

Bad Back Blues

Let me start by saying, "OUCH!"
Monday evening my back went out. It was probably a cumulative problem, originating with me ignoring doctor's warnings, followed by multiple attempts to contort my spine into odd positions, and topped off with my constant lifting heavy objects (because I apparently think I'm a she-hulk).

So, obviously, it came as a huge surprise to me when I started having severe back pain Monday night. Tuesday and Wednesday and even most of Thursday afternoon were spent lying in bed. Even better is the fact that all last week I was too busy to do any household cleaning had accumulated piles of laundry and chores a mile high by Monday.
Ah, well. On the bright side, I did get quite a bit of reading done, and breezed through a couple movies that had been sitting on the shelf for future movie nights.
Did I learn my lesson? Probably not. But I am more conscience of my posture, so that's something, right?