Mar 31, 2010

(almost) my Day

It's my Birthday!....
I'm dabbling a bit in my garden before work tonight. A very stange thing has happened. Tomatoes are growing everywhere! Just not where I planted them.
They're in my oregano:

And my green onions:

They're all over the yard, too! However, I can understand the yard-tomatoes because my last harvest was a little too-abundant and tomatoes ended up rolling all over the place.
The worst part is, I have no idea what kind of tomatoes they are, because I planted a couple different varieties over the past year. If seeds got mixed into the soil (which obviously they did), I have no way of telling which kind they are until they get much larger.

Mar 14, 2010

Our garden is doing well, and managed through the torrential downpours we had through the weekend. This one particular patch of dirt, in front of our old house, is a bit of a puzzler for me. we've only been able to produce massive amounts of weeds due to the lack of drainage and poor sunlight. I suppose it would be an ideal location for a box garden, but it really doesn't receive any sunlight, ever.
My carrots were also flooded in my backyard garden, but I think they'll recover.
And all my other starter pots have sprouted! Corn, squash, and eggplant!

Mar 11, 2010

Thursday Hump Day

Well, Thursday is my hump day.

Halfway through the week AND I have tomorrow night off! I'm hoping I can run some errands and maybe relax a bit before I have to leave again and pick up Allen from his night shift.

Sort of a cruddy evening - maybe Allen and I can catch some more movies on my Netflix account before I cancel it tomorrow.
This past Tuesday we watched Zombieland for movie night.
If you're into gore and dark humor (and Bill Murray) I highly reccommend it!

Mar 8, 2010

We've gotten some more gardening done! We dug out some more space in the back and planted some lettuce and peppers. I'll add the corn and squash once the seedlings get a little taller.
Now I just need to clean up the rest of this mess.

Not really sure what to do here. I think this area would be perfect for anothergarden space, but I'd have to put some extra effort into keeping out our pets and preventing dirt and leaves from flying into the pool, which sits all of twenty feet away.

Mar 7, 2010

New Things

I've been getting back to creating! The past few weeks most of my time has been eaten up at the night job (now mostly a day job) and I haven't really had much of an opportunity to go into the work shop. I did finally finish a cuff and money wallet I had started previously.

Here's the cuff:

I also made som new beads for my Blenderbach shop on Etsy:

Mar 1, 2010


My garden is off to a good start. I need to start utilizing again. it's good website for keeping track of planting dates, expected sprouts and harvest, and even has a photo album section.

I have some carrot sprouts! the seed package said they're great for poor soil (which is all I have) and they have a harvest rate of every three weeks or so, but so far that seems a little far-fetched. I guess we'll wait and see.

My cousin and I planted some more squash, corn, eggplant and peppers, but so far we've not seen much action in that department. However, my oregano that I re-planted seems to be growing again. Hopefully it will be nice and bushy again by summer.