Oct 24, 2009

Newish Stuff and things

I've been up to gardening again; trying to get my fall harvest rolling. My cherry tomatoes are doing outstandingly well and my cilantro and mint is over abundant.
It's taken me several attempts to get some lettuce and spinach sprouts, but I finally have some!

And my strawberries are growing fine, although slowly.

I also have some new cuffs and cases! Here's a fun new card case:

Oct 14, 2009

things to do

Well, I have certainly been slacking on the blogfront. Not that I haven't had any desire to blog, rather, that I've been fairly busy between jobs.
And there are so many things to list....

Here are some of my latest additions to my Blenderbach shop:
Laminate samples for supplies.

And multiswirl handmade polymer clay beads!