Nov 28, 2009

Too Much Turkey

Now is the week of turkey sandwiches and pie for breakfast! Really, who can complain?
I've been toiling out in my garden this week, trying to get everything into the ground. I have two red tomato plants in a large kitty litter bin and several out back in the dirt. This is my experiment to see which set does better. Already the container plant had a head start because I split the large bunch slowly as they grew, but even if they had been re-planted earlier my money's on the container plant. Our soil here in south Florida is of a very sandy variety. Great for pines, palms, and mangroves, but less-than-nutritional for most vegetables. I mixed in some garden soil from home depot, so we'll see....

And here's my baby tomatoes!


Glitzer said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I can't wait to see the progress of your tomato plants ripen into juicy red tomatoes!

Home-grown tomatoes really taste so different too!

JanuskieZ said...

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