Apr 28, 2010


I haven't blogged in a while (obviously) and here's why: I've been busy. Typical excuse, I know, but really, I've been trying like crazy to save up cash for a variety of new-found goals, so that means extra time at the night job. Which has kind of turned into a day job.
PLUS my family has added four new additions to our household. My aunt moved in, along with her son's best friend, a cat, and a dog. And a lot of extra stuff. Also, another cousin and two cousin-in-laws came down with them, although they only stayed for a few days.I love my family, but I've always been a hermit-at-heart. I create, clean, and relax better when I'm alone, so I felt paralyzed all week by the constant stream of people in and out of our house.
Hopefully all will be organized and calm soon, and everyone will be able to settle into a routine.
In the meantime, I've being trying to keep myself dedicated to my online sales. I even had some shop time this week and made a couple cuffs and change purses!


Dyche Designs said...

Beautiful cuff, good luck with the family.

Erica said...

Not sure how to follow your blog :) sounds like you are VERY busy!