Mar 6, 2011

Oranges! (maybe)

Speaking of things that take WAY too long to grow...
Our orange tree has blossoms!
We planted this buddy as a little sapling about three years ago, along with a grapefruit tree (which has since died) and I've waited patiently to see the fruits of my labor. Literally.
Trees are difficult for me. I'm an impatient person. I want results and I want them yesterday, so having to wait for several YEARS to see any major growth out of a plant is nearly unbearable for me. Which explains why the grapefruit died, I eventually became bored with them and spent long periods of time skillfully ignoring both trees. The orange simply had the luck of being hardier and resisting my attempts to neglect it into an early grave.
Any now - blossoms! This picture was taken about a week ago when I first noticed the tiny green buds sprouting all over.
And this picture was taken two days ago:
Hopefully we'll see some small fruits this summer!

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