Jun 20, 2011


Our hideous, yet mesmerizing landmark FPL towers have been demolished.
My sisters and I went out on my sister's boat, the Hakuna Matata to watch the explosion from the waters of the intercoastal. The boat left dock at 8 am and it was already blistering hot.
Loads of people had come out for the event and tents lined up on Peanut Island behind us from beach-goers who camped out overnight.
At 8:30 the blast went off and sent shock waves through the water. I was surprised the towers fell to the left, as I had assumed they'd implode and fall straight down. In just nine seconds the towers, two boilers and a water tower were completely collapsed and a huge cloud of smoke burst out and to the north.
Once the smoke cleared the boats began to scatter and we made our way back to dock. I've never watched a demolition before so I found the whole thing pretty thrilling.
The view is sure different now.

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