Jul 6, 2008

Beer tasting

So last night I got off from my night job extra early and therefore had the oppurtunity to check out the new Wine and Beer store in our plaza. They have a "build your own 6-pack" special so I scoured their enormous selection of single strange brews. And when I say enormous I mean, HUGE! I was in the aisle for quite some time, stopping to call Allen and ask for advice, then scanning the labels some more.
I was mostly looking for light-colored ales (I'm not a Guiness fan) but ended up choosing a few based on a fun label or pure novelty.

The first beer Allen and I tried was the Chili Beer. When I scooped this one up, I didn't notice it had an actual chili pepper in the bottle, which, upon opening, floated to the top like a lime.
Allen took a huge swig first and then choked on the spicy flavor. This beer is HOT! I tried a tiny bit and my mouth burned for about 20 minutes afterwards. We ended up putting a cork in it for possible future use.The next one we tried was called Skull Splitter - a Scottish ale. This was was very dark at bitter (I thought). Allen didn't particularly like it, either.
The final beer we tried was called Birra Moretti, an Italian brand. I really liked this one. Very light and no awful after-taste.

We'll have to try the last three beers some other night.


Walk in the Woods said...

Such fun!

As a home-brewer I really honor beer-tasting. You might enjoy a visit to my blog ... where you'll find tidbits about my strange and wonderful brewing adventures as well as a recent visit to an area micro-brewery.

Not only that, but I Just racked a nice Porter into its secondary fermentation container. Life is good!


Annabelle said...

As Homer Simpson would say it "mmm beer."

I may have to try out some of your new favorites.

Estela said...

hahaha how risky! I've never had a spicey beer!

ElegantSnobbery said...

I'm definitely not going to try the chili one - I hate anything that burns my mouth - but I just might have to be adventurous and try the others!

saffron said...

I love trying new beers also! And I usually pick one because of the label.. yumm!