Jul 3, 2008

Hooray for fireworks and kitties

I don't have to work tomorrow! My first Friday off in....... I don't remember!
Although I most likely will go into our workshop to finish this REALLY awesome tote I started yesterday.

I worked at the restaurant last 4th of July - so I figured this year I would chill with my family and Allen. Unfortunately, it's been raining every single day for weeks now, and I don't see too much of a chance for clear skies tomorrow.
Want to hear my kitty story?

Yesterday I was awoken by my kitty, Newt, jumping, claw-first, into my skull.
I'm not sure if he was scared of something, or simply trying out a new aerial maneuver. Either way, the result had me screaming myself awake, which, in turn, had Allen awake. When I explained that the cat had jumped on my head I touched the sore spot and looked at my hands. Blood. Great. Thanks kitty - you know how head wounds bleed. As I was cleaning the wound in the bathroom Newt came in and apologized profusely, so all is forgiven.

Check out these awesome kitty catnip cookies by JakeandMicah.

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RetroRugrats said...

Too cute!! What a clever idea.