Aug 29, 2008

80's prom night

So, my dear friend Slayomi is helping to host an 80's Prom-themed fundraiser for their roller-derby team, the Riot City Rollers. So I need a prom dress! I never even went to my real prom so I don't even have anything to slash and do alterations.
I did go looking online to help give me some ideas....
Which didn't really help because I guess the 80's are back! (please don't bring back big hair and shoulder pads, please don't bring those two things back)

I spent most of the 80's as a small child wearing bloomers and cute little dresses and not quite Flashdance.


capitolagirl said...

LOL - Pretty in Pink. I love the scene where she is making that dress!

missknits said...

one of my all time fav movies! loved those old 80's movies!

Shon said...

Bleck! That dress is hideous.
And I am pretty sure that I liked it, back when the movie first came out. Simply disgraceful.