Aug 5, 2008

Meat Necklace

Hooray for Meat!

I made myself a meaty necklace yesterday! Basically I laminated some old cookbook images and strung them together. What's your opinion? Should I make more? I could use other food, if the meatiness is too overwhelming for you.
Well? Is it meaty and great? Should I list them?
What do you think?


Breanna LaRow said...

haha those are fun. Not sure if I'd wear em. I'd probably sport a pair of meaty earrings tho!

Christopher And Tia said...

Oh my gosh, thats so gross, but in a super awesome way, haha. You should totally list them, because I bet there are lots of people like me that would totally buy them for thier friends. I'd never wear it myself, but I sure would drop it in the mail as a birthday present.

Christopher And Tia said...
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La Alicia said...

at first glance -- the meat almost look like stone. Then I read what you wrote and looked more closely and the meat jewelry is too fun! Since it seems that men seems most proud of their meat eating -- maybe incoporating the meat into something a guy would wear would be another way to sell this...just a suggestion. :)