Dec 18, 2008

Holiday downer

Well, yesterday was the local chopper ride (themed Nightmare Before Christmas) and I was excited to be able to go at the last minute. My friends had made up the most amazing bikes and went as Tank Girl and Jet Girl, two of the characters from my most favorite comic wonder: Tank Girl. Here are their bikes:
Anyhow, soon after the ride started I began to get frantic phone calls from my sister who apparently had to go pick her car up at the rental place - because her lame ass boyfriend had decided to skip town without telling a soul. I ended up missing the ride to go with her and make sure she and her car were safe and sound.
So now the whole household is a bit down in the dumps after losing someone we considered to be not only a friend, but closer to family at this point.
My sister needs a nice gentleman wrapped with a big red bow this Christmas. One of these will do:
When Allen got home he told me my friends had both won the trophy for best bike. They're going to cut it in half so they can split it.

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esque said...

Ya, I'll have one of those gents, no bow necessary!