Dec 31, 2008

new year's eve

Tonight I will partying like it's 1999. Oh wait, I did that in 1999. Then I'll party like it's 2009.
Actually, I don't have any plans. Yet. We'll see. My little sister wants to spend it on the beach, which I've never found to be as fun as it sounds, but Allen said he might want to do some night fishing off the pier.

What will you be doing?

In other news:
So I was a little busy yesterday.... I made oodles of cuffs!

This pink metallic leather is a perfect backdrop for almost any color!

After work, Allen and I attended Tuesday Night Movie Night where the feature for the evening was Wanted. Honestly, it wasn't quite what I expected. A little cheesy, perhaps? But it started off well and ended nicely, which is much more than a lot of our weekly features offer (think: Rad). Next weeks feature has been built up as an epic comedy classic, although the name wasn't revealed. I'll take their word for it. And soon, we'll be watching shorts of Trailer Park Boys again! Season six!


SleightGirl said...

I love the cuff! So pretty!
And I've never spent New Years on the beach, which is odd since I'm originally from Hawaii.

Happy New Year's!

Vanessa said...

What a fun cuff!! Love it :)

lyptis said...

I went to the beach, it was really nice for the first hour...

Pretty cuff!

Veronika said...

Hi. What a good idea to go to the beach! I wish I lived in a climate where tat would be possible :) It has been snowing small icy flakes all night here in Slovakia and alltrees are covered in frost :)
Your items look quite interesting.
have a lovely new year!!!

Jess said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Your cuff rocks!

I did nothing for new years,sat here on etsy and watched the ball drop on tv, I know, I sound so boring :P