Jan 8, 2009

badge a minit blues

Well, unfortunately for me, I have just a tiny bit of patience. After years of attempted improvement, I've managed to make my attention for something last beyond 1-2 attempts and have stretched it into 6 or 7. But then it's over and I get sent into tantrum mode, where things get broken and words like, "This is stupid!" get tossed around.
My point, you ask?

My darling Badge-a-minit is the point. After downloading the instructions off of their website, I attempted my badge-making to no avail. The plastic always manages to pull up on one side, making an imperfect and terrible seal. Of course, the instructions state that this is their most common complaint and it has to do with mucking up steps 3 and 4.
Well, thhpt. That doesn't really help me knowing that everyone else sucks at using this thing, too.
I tried to draw little arrows on the picture above, to illustrate where the separation occurs, but I'm sure if you've worked with one of these machines, you'll know what I'm talking about.
So, those of you who've battled the badge-a-Minit before, do you have any advise or words of comfort? I'm assuming practice makes perfect, but I may just run out of supplies before I get there.....


Two Happy Stampers said...

I don't think I've ever tried making badges! Sorry I don't have any helpful suggestions... =(

Dawn Rhodes said...

My sister has this machine for her business that she runs. I've used it several times in making badges. We've never had this problem when using hers. I think the key to using it is patience and making sure everything is lined up and that you don't over-press or try to use material that is too heavy on the inside. I hope this information is helpful for you! Good luck and stick with it. I'm sure you will get it figured out and will be making buttons in no time!!!! ;-)

beautifulpirate said...

I love my badge-a-minit. I will tell you what your problem is. When you tighten the yellow piece that interlocks all of the other pieces- you are twisting it too much which causes the plastic mylar to pull out of place and to stretch before you want it to. This is not good! So just barely, twist the yellow piece into place. Never tighten it, EVER! Also, if you have the handpress one, when you are pushing down on the pieces (both times) it helps if you stand and lean over a tabletop or countertop to apply the pressure directly above the mechanism.

Bianca (Fighter of the Night Man) said...

I've never tried making them, but have a friend that did and he had the EXACT problem. Good luck with your next attempts!


kim* said...

i think you should just have me make you some badges O'style :)