Jan 12, 2009

sweet salty smells

Ah, Dubois Park is just as I remembered.
Most of the 'remodeling' must have involved adding sandbags and a fence. We got there a bit late so I didn't go swimming (the lagoon was very cold and it was low tide), but sometimes all one needs is a little sunbath and their toes in the sand.
And a naked boy tried to steal my french fries! Which is okay, mostly since he's so darn cute.
We left as the sun went down and the no-see-ums started getting feisty. Allen and I will have to do this again. Sometime soon.

More pictures of beach fun on my other blog.


cabin + cub said...

Looks sooo nice!
Its still grey and snowy here in Vancouver :(

Almay Alday said...

The beach! I'm jealous! I'm in long coat puffy coat that is the length of my body!

kim* said...

aw i want to go :)