Apr 12, 2009

My new Tote

I made a little messenger-style case for my laptop, since I'm extremely clumsy and it's very breakable. My first challenge was how to properly cushion it, which I solved using some soft padding I had leftover from my fabric-sewing days. I ended up having some trouble sewing the edges due to thickness; next time I'll have to remember to make the sides larger.

The side-release buckles don't match because I'm lazy and was rushing the bag. I really didn't feel like matching straps with fitting male and female parts.But it fits and it works and it's amazing and I love it.
I'll have to make up some more of these.

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audreyscountrycrafts said...

That's really cool. Our oldest received a laptop as a grad present in June. We bought a tough one, apparently it can handle some gentle dropping. He's very anal about that laptop - don't think he'll be dropping it anytime soon.