Apr 8, 2009

new fantasticness

So, I've been rushing to finish a set of custom handbags (fingers crossed they'll be finished tomorrow) and some other tidbits on the side. Like this cute little card case:But somehow I also managed to make a pair of sandals in the middle of it all. They were a custom order for blue gator-print tops on blue soles. Here's a picture I took with my web-cam:
And, yes, I'm still obsessed with my little laptop. I uploaded a picture editor yesterday- Photoscape - and at first thought that maybe it wouldn't work out with this little PC but today I found all sorts of fun editing options. I can distort, age, and give semi-professional finishing touches to my pictures!
The last editor I had been using was Picasa 3, which has it's own charm and ease of use, but now I think I'm hooked on the PhotoScape.

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