Jun 9, 2010


It has rained so much over the past two weeks that our soil is now inundated with water - our yard is a swamp! More importantly - my garden is a swamp! Most of my older and larger plants seem to have survived the worst of it (5 inches of water above soil level for 24 hours!) but my newly planted lettuce and peppers are now squishy lumps of decomposing green matter.

My garden just a few days before:

Now the water has receded but the soil is still heavily saturated and I see more rain clouds on the horizon. I had thought to dig a trough out of the garden to release water, but considering that the rest of the yard is still a swamp, I don't know where I could go with it.
It seems to me that the best solution would be to slowly raise the garden after harvesting the crops, so it eventually becomes a hill. Or making a series of box gardens, but That will take money and help from the cousins, since I'm not as handy as I'd like to be.

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Katie said...

i'm so sad to hear about your peppers and lettuce! stay strong little plants!