Jul 7, 2010


It IS a wonderful Wednesday.
My co-worker asked me to let her work my shift tonight so she could bank some extra money for her 21st birthday bash (she rented some rooms at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino for the occasion - a much better plan than my own 21st) and I'm taking the day off.
So my fabulous day has been spent tooling around in the garden, playing facebook apps, and eating these awesome Key Lime cookies from Bob's Bunz in Islamorada:
My mother's friend went down to the Keys for a few days, leaving her dog here with us. When she came back, she brought us the gift of cookies! These things are DELICIOUS! I think I'm the only one in the house eating them, too, which is very strange considering we're all Key Lime fans (and cookie fans).
But hey, I'm not complaining - more for me! (Thank goodness there's two bags!)

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Stephanie said...

yum key lime cookies sound good!