Aug 14, 2010

New things

So, my little sister got a boat.

Just a little boat. She's trying to get her commercial fishing license, and hopefully soon after, a lucrative pasttime. She already has the first level license for shore fishing and has been turning quite a profit this summer. She'll be a senior in high school next year; I'm pretty proud!

I've been trying to get some new items listed in all three of my Etsy shops. This little flamingo cosmetic case is the first of many to come:

All in all, it's been a pretty good week. My day off is tomorrow and I hope to be productive. I really wanted to take advantage of the tax-free 'Back-to-School' weekend so I could get some new clothes and shoes for work, but the restaurant business has been very slow this week and I've had to scrape through the savings account to pay bills. Allen, luckily is making some overtime the next few weeks, so hopefully we'll still be able to go camping at the end of the month. We haven't been camping in at least two years,, so we're long overdue :)


Bright Circle said...

Good for your daughter! I take it you live near the ocean?

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