Aug 2, 2010


Hooray for today! I'm very excited to announce two new additions to our Etrelle's shop:Two adorable leather change purses!
I have a to more lying around just WAITING to be listed online, so we'll see how much I can get accomplished today. There's also a to of beads waiting to be put into my Blenderbach store, also.

But, mostly I'm excited because today is Allen and my anniversary and while I'm not entirely sure what we'll be doing this evening (my poor guy has a cold) hopefully next weekend we'll be able to dart out of town for a few days and go camping! I'm typically not big on camping. I love nature and the great wide outdoors, but not necessarily sleeping and eating and relieving myself in it. However, for some reason Ive been dying to go out and spend a night outdoors. I blame the books I've been reading.
There are actually way more state parks and camping sites in Florida than I was ever aware of. We're still not 100% decided but I'd really like to visit Koreshan State Historic Site on the west coast of Florida. It's the location of a spiritual group that settled there in the early part of the twentieth century and died out by the 1960's. Fits in perfectly with my current Christopher Hitchens read. (almost done!)

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