Mar 10, 2009


Time for movies!
Every Tuesday we attend Movie Night and I'm curious what tonight's showing will be. Since we've finished Trailer Park Boys, the short will be from Wholphin #7.
Here's some of our recent presentations:Strange Brew.
Classic Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas.

Hamburger the Movie.
Quite possibly written by 7th graders and starring anyone with nothing better to do, but amusing in a MST3K manner.

And last week we watched Heavyweights.
Pretty funny for a Disney movie and a bit crude. And this one kid always wore amazing t-shirts (like Fire Marshall Bill from In Living Color).

I can hardly wait!


Beth said...

Trailer Park Boys! We watched that when we lived in Halifax--it was hilarious.

Nicole Solo said...

I've never heard of any of these movies, they look really silly :D

cabin + cub said...

Strange Brew... a true Canadian classic! Love it!