Mar 7, 2009


It was...... AMAZING!
I rarely ever attend movies at big theaters (the last movie I saw this way being the Simpson's Movie) and most certainly would avoid going to see any film on opening night. Call me crazy, but the crowds and the noise can really ruin a movie for me.
However, when my sister came to me with two IMAX tickets that she now couldn't use, I jumped at the chance. I have never been to an IMAX movie before, and that seemed like extra fun.
Once Allen and I found our way through the maze of a three-lever theater, bought snacks and sodas and found our seats, we still had about a half-hour of crowded theater chatter before the room darkened and the Harry Potter preview showed. Luckily, that was the only preview and the movie started immediately.
BAM! Right into the action!
I'm incredibly pleased that the story stuck faithfully by the book, quite literally panel-by-panel in most cases. It is filled with gruesome violence, explicit sexual situations, and yes, true to the book, John (aka Dr. Manhattan) is stark naked throughout the majority of the film (so there's quite a bit of penis on the screen).

I completely recommend this movie to fans of the book!!


Audrey said...

I've been to Imax a few times. It's quite the experience. Need a theatre like that in my living room!!

Kala Pohl Studio said...

I have been thinking about checking the movie out - thank you for the feedback:):)

thecraftbegins said...

I thought it was good too!