Mar 15, 2009

Bicycle Race!

Another West Palm Beach Alley Cat race came and went on Saturday. All proceeds went to support the MS-150 ride from Miami to Key Largo.
Basically an Alley-Cat race is a gathering of bicyclists who each get a map containing checkpoints they must find across the city. At each checkpoint the rider will be asked to perform some task - anything from answering a simple question to doing a handstand to dousing yourself with various liquids. The rider must complete the task and have their map marked off by the checkpoint attendant. Once they've finished their checkpoints they meet up at the finish line. After the race everyone puts on their party hats.
My checkpoint duty was to throw eggs at people for them to catch. Maybe they were raw, maybe they were hard-boiled. So you better catch it.
Unfortunately, I left my camera in the glove box of my car and Allen used the car to get to his own checkpoint.
So here are some cell-phone photos from the after-party:


Kineret WillowGreene said...

Okay, so what kind of bikes are the tiny ones in the first pic? They are so cool!

Piggy said...

Great photos!! Is it me or the bicycles in the photos (first one) look really tiny :)

Btw, I love the fishes on your blog! It took me a while (duh!) to find out that my mouse click on the fishes is actually food.. keke :)

SleightGirl said...

Oh my! That sounds like so much fun! I wish they had something like that here in Vegas...I would totally do it!

nomadcraftsetc said...

Oh how fun!