Jun 3, 2009


Boy, does my head hurt! I apparently can't have the beers I used to... Ah, well. I guess I should go find some juice.

You know what I was thinking about this morning? People's homes shown through blog pictures. I'm sure you've seen a blog post with some "random" picture the person took of their kitchen, their soup bowl, spoon, doodle, whatever. Why does it always look like they're living in Martha Stewart's house? My house does not look like that. Is it a photography trick or am I living in squalor?
Odds are good that I'm simply not capable of interior decorating and everyone else's house looks like an IKEA showroom.

Want to see a fancy treasury I'm in by moonovermaize?

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Kate8085 said...

We have plenty of stuff from IKEA, and our house still doesn't look like a showroom! hahaha. I feel ya!