Jun 28, 2009

Well, it's been awhile since I blogged regularly. Mostly I blame Twitter, but I had a busy week. Several custom orders hit me at once (yay!) and I finally finished the watermelon zebra sandals!
And my mad gardening skills: These ones are cherry peppers. The larger one is about the size of a golf ball.Bell peppers. Two different plants.

My Cosmos have finally started to flower:Unfortunately, I'm having trouble with my lemon cukes. They form small buds like these:...and then they fall off and die. From what I've read this should be the perfect time of the year, but it's not fruiting :(
Is it not getting pollinated properly?
Also, my sugar snap peas are being the wusses of my garden. they seem to adore full sun but can't stand the rain. One of my biggest plants has started to turn yellow and brown and shriveling up, and the only thing I can attribute it to is the wet weather.
Darn it.
Ah, well, I did manage to gather enough leafy greens this morning to make myself a salad for lunch. Woo-hoo!Eating my veggies!


missknits said...

the peppers look great!! i would so love to grow my own veggies!

Parallax said...

Salad fresh from the garden, sounds wonderful. Good luck with the cukes and snap peas!

Karen said...

Love those sandals and your peppers look wonderful! Nice garden...