Aug 25, 2009


What a week! After work on Saturday we went to the last 48-hour-bicycle-build-off at the henhouse. In case you don't know what that is, (which I'm sure you don't) I'll explain. The henhouse is a large warehouse where volunteers get together to build bikes for charity and neighborhood kids with Jack the Bike Man. The warehouse is being closed because of high rent costs and hopefully the operation will be relocated elsewhere. In the meantime, everyone had one last party Saturday night celebrating the good times shared by all.

I've been working on a new sandal style this week - check it out!! I really like the design, but I'll need to re-work it a bit. The fit is a bit off, unfortunately. I gave them leather soles and a small heel.
I aslo have a few mugs to post....

This maxwell House mug is tiny and cute. not sure of the age but I'd guess at least 20 years old:

And this elephant mug was my favorite mug as a kid. Every Christmas my sister and I were allowed to remove one display mug from the wall to use for our hot cocoa and I'd pick this one. Yay! I found it!


Kate8085 said...

That elephant is awesome, I can see why it was your favorite.
The bike building sounds awesome,
I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that they find a new location.

Anonymous said...

The bike building charity sounds awesome!

So how many mugs do you have? :)

PS I've got a Morton Salt mug--with the girl and umbrella on it, you know "when it rains it pours" is the slogan?

paperwhite said...

Love the sandals!