Aug 13, 2009


For years, my mother has collected quite a variety of mugs. Some are large, some small, some ceramic, some glass, some handpainted, (etc.).... Often, they were displayed on the walls of our house growing up and were rarely used.
Until now!
When cleaning up the old place, my mom came across many of the mugs being stored in cardboard boxes. She brought them in and cleaned them up - and now we have hundreds of mugs to use! I had no idea there were so many!
Here's two of my favorites so far:
Panda mug:

And this Daisy Mug, which my mother tells me was one of the first she recived after she and my father were married:


Curtis Collectables :) said...

Cute cups. I love seeing what other people keep in their cupboards.

Justine said...

I love the daisy one. I collect cups when I'm on vacation, just a couple, to remind me of where I've been. I'm not in the hundreds yet, though. Very cool!