Jan 27, 2010


The fair was a spectacular success. We were able to go twice this year, which was an absolute joy for me; we were unable to attend for the past four years. The first pass around was a VIP function, prior to the official fair 'opening day'. My sister's boyfriend scored the free tickets from his dad's work and we all got enjoy FREE admission, FREE rides, FREE buffet, and.... FREE booze! Although we didn't take part in that awesome deal. my sister's too young to drink and Allen and I didn't want to get ill on any of the rides. Although, it's a shame because outside in the midway beers cost $8.00 each.
$8.00!!? Really.
The second time around, Allen, my cousin and I went to go see the Blue Oyster Cult play on the main stage.
It. Was. Amazing.

After the show we walked around and checked out the midway and ate some food.Align CenterUnfortunately the rides were too expensive for us to enjoy and the animal tents were closed. Which is a shame, because I love the animal tents.
All in all a good time, though!
And Mikey dunked that awful clown!

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cabin + cub said...

Looks like so much fun! The fairs don't start here until the warmer months.. so we still have to wait!