Jan 4, 2010

broken Pipes

So a repairman came out today to fix our broken pool pump, and in the process, stepped on a water pipe and broke it. No water! Luckily it was fixed quickly and the only person inconvenienced was my cousin, who desperately wanted a shower.
A quick trip to Chick-Fil-A diverted our attentions long enough to wait for the water to be fixed and have full bellies (and sweet tea!)
*bonus* - I think the pool pump is working!

Now I just have to focus on accomplishing something today. After watching the past few days go by without getting much done, I've realized that I try to tackle too many things at once. Right now, forinstance, I'm thinking about how I need to list a bunch of things online and clean the entire house and re-arrange my bedroom furniture.

I've decided to only keep one task in front of me, to see if that helps. Today I'll be focusing on listing items.

By the way, does anyone know how this Teavana Tea Harmony glass tumbler with tea strainer works? My mom got it as a gift and it didn't come with instructions.

It says it's ideal for "capturing the perfect bouquet of blooming tea". Do we need special teas for it? I tried looking online but couldn't find any help.


StunningAnnaK said...

The tea holder is just beautiful! Good Luck figuring out how to get it to work!

Alicia Istanbul said...

I don't have any instructions on that tea, but I think you're on the right track with trying to tackle just one thing at a time :)

Leah said...

i have this teavana tumbler and i love it! the tea looks so pretty inside even if it is not the "blooming" type. if you have a blooming tea ball, like teavana strawberry misaki, just drop it in and you can drink the tea with the strainer in place. for loose teas, add the tea on top of the strainer, cover it and turn it over so the leaves mix with the water. after its done steeping, pull out the strainer and leaves and tah dah, you can enjoy your tea!

Leah said...

btw, here is a link to the yummy strawbery misaki blooming tea from teavana!

Shrimp Salad Circus said...

I'm sure the pool disaster was a huge pain, but I cannot convey how insanely jealous I am of the fact that you have the sort of weather to even think about a pool right now! lol