Feb 24, 2010

Springtime? Almost.

The weather has warmed and birds are chirping (or warbling or squeaking, etc.) and the sun is mostly shining. Since we're supposed to have another cold front come through on Thursday I used today as an opportunity to go green-onion-crazy in my garden. Now, if you're wondering why I'm planting before a cold front comes through, it's because I live in south Florida. Hence, our "cold front" will only be dropping us down to 40 degrees (although, trust me, we'll be freezing).
In other news, Ozzy Osbourne will be at our local Barnes and Noble store signing autographs on Friday. Even though I'd love to see him, and I'd really like to get my boyfriend's old Black Sabbath cassette tape signed, I don't know how much I can stomach the idea of waiting in line for hours on end. I've done it once before, for an ICP (don't laugh) signing when I was a kid, and even then it was an ALL DAY event. Plus I have to work at 5 that night.
Ah, well. Maybe I'll be able to just walk over to barnes and noble before work and catch a glimpse :)

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