Oct 28, 2008

It's *cold*

Boy did I get a shock when I woke up this morning - It's 60 degrees outside! In South Florida - that's a really big deal. That means sweaters, long pants and shivering! I know anyone who lives in a northern state will laugh at this, but it's all relative. Even when I lived in KC and was knee-deep in snow I knew there were people in Maine, Michigan and Alaska who were neck-deep in snow. Which reminds me - I'm not a big fan of snow. Which is why I came back down to Florida.

60 degrees. *ppfft! I've got a jacket on right now and I'm inside. (Floridians don't typically use heaters.)

And in other amazing news, here's my new treasury that I made!
And here's one with Allen's Beer Holster! By taragilchrist.

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Devin said...

Great tresury's.I wish i was in flordia:0)