Oct 11, 2008


I don't watch that much television - but I do allow myself two shows to attempt to make a weekly viewing of. Unfortunately one of them I've been missing because of my night job. Smallville! Let me use this opportunity to push my imaginary glasses back up my nose. As much as I love comic books, I was never a fan of the typical 'superhero' comics. I veered off towards more obscure and dark story lines: Sandman, Groo, Ranma 1/2, Tank Girl, etc-...
However, when Smallville first came out I was mesmerized by the notion of a Super hero's backstory and their journey to become themselves.
That's probably why I like my other favorite show so much. Heroes!
Save the world, Hiro!

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kim* said...

i really dont watch much tv, its a shame :)