Nov 8, 2008

Boom Shakka Boom

I am listing furiously online today, as I totally need the money. Allen has a bunch of wicked cool tooled cuffs that I need to put up, but here's one to start:It's a caterpillar!

I'm still working on my Monkey comic. Not as much as I should be but I've promised myself to dedicate this evening after work and tomorrow to full drawing mode. I'm probably going to have to have Allen model some poses for me to sketch, also.

I'll post the progress as soon as I have some to report.


earmark said...

that is fantastic! I hope you get toooonnnnsss of sales too :)

Devin said...

The cuff looks Awesome.Happy sales to you:0)

Shea said...

looks great,
hope you sell a lot

kim* said...

how fun to wear a caterpillar on my wrist :)