Nov 19, 2008

*Sniffle Sniffle*

Now is not the time to be getting a head cold!
Hopefully with fluids and rest it will be gone tomorrow. Because I have to make more of these:

Ornaments for our Christmas Tree at (the night job)! They put it up last week (why so soon, I don't know) but it didn't have many ornaments and looked a little dreary so I made up two simple ornaments to hang. My boss said she'd pay me to make 30 more!

I need some chicken soup :(


Leslie said...

The ornaments look cool! I hope you feel better, my head it starting to get congested too, my nose is running through.

Start To Finish Supplies said...

Good luck with your cold. Hopefully it will not last long. There is a bug passing around in these parts as well :(

Art By MAR said...

Hope you feel better soon, this is the worst time of year to get sick! Very cool ornaments and congrats on your order!