May 24, 2009

enter, summer

The pool is back! I cannot recall how long we've been without it. Seems like forever, but it's only been a few months, I'm sure. It's almost thirty years old and has cracks and leaks and broken tiles. Well, it did. My cousin fixed it! Hooray! Now if we can get the lightning to stop, I may just have a quick dip.

Although I would love to have the sunshine come back, this rain has been great for our yard and plants. My coleus, shown here:I can't wait to see their full color patterns. They're not even a month old yet.

And, here's my mother's banana tree, making a sweet comeback. There are two, but after resuscitating the second, smaller one, my cousin promptly ran it over with the mower.


trudette, said...

Great to have a pool ! Your plants look very promising .

Audrey said...

Sorry to hear about the banana tree! Last year hubby tilled my little row of peppers in my garden - thought they were weeds. Hmmmm.

Gallery32 said...

Lovely green :)