May 17, 2009

It's gardening time again!
The weather is nice and my plants are growing. I've had to re-plant most of the peppers and all of the sugar snap peas. Today I hope to work on some cherry tomatoes.
My Basil, here at 33 days. And I found the evil-doer who has been eating the leaves and removed him!My Stripey tomato has some blossoms!

The cherry tomatoes at 21 days. Some of them are over six inches now and I want to try re-planting at least one of them into the ground.

My Sugar snap peas at 21 days. this was right before I replanted them all.
And my lemon cucumber. Man, has he grown - also 21 days.
And finally, my cilantro - at 33 days!I'm still having issues with caterpillars eating my spinach. Does anyone have any natural pesticide knowledge or recipes?


Sophie said...

I love gardening! Too bad I don't have any space, love that you can grow lovely things that you can later put to use!

PS. loved the treasury you were featured in!


Ni-Chern Designs said...

your plants look so awesome! i wish i could get as far as you in planting! good luck on the little caterpillars!!

Jess said...

wow your plants look great! i am in my second year of gardening, I added carrots and onions this year!

I know corn meal works for Ants. but I am not sure about caterpillars? :(

Little Dickens Designs said...

What was eating your basil?

I know crushed eggshells are supposed to work for slugs. What about cayenne pepper?

Rose Ridge Creations said...

I have had great success in my garden with a large container of cayenne pepper. It's kept bugs and rabbits off literally everything I've put it on.