May 3, 2009

Garden update

The weather is lovely today and since I completed my errands early, I'm going to spend some time planning the re-planting of my seedlings. My spinach, at 21 days, is out-growing it's starter container!

The cilantro, also at 21 days, is starting to look delicious!
I had to re-plant my onions and, at a week old, they've started to sprout!
My sugar snap peas, at 8 days, are HUGE! They will definitely need to be replanted soon.And my peppers, at 21 days, are doing well, but seem a bit stunted.Okay, well, I'm off to plan and plant!


Mary Ann said...

They look great. Here in NJ it has been very cool for this time of year. Mine are about 1/2 the size of yours and my peppers are just beginning to show. I'm hoping the groundhogs don't wipe my garden out.
Good luck with yours.

elsiee said...

your garden is coming along so nicely - I LOVE cilantro, it's my FAV!! just discovered you on an etsy forum thread - come on over and visit me sometime:

Chrisy said...

How exciting! They all look so healthy and luscious!

Piggy said...

Great sprouts & shoots! My hubby would be so envious! He's a gardening fan too :D Thanks for sharing.. Can't wait to hear more about your progress