May 25, 2009

new things

So, I spent much of yesterday re-planting seedlings into larger homes. I'm hoping I can keep most of them potted, since I don't have a ton of money to drop on making a box garden and because south Florida is overflowing with hungry insects. I was happy with my collection so far, but my sisters wanted to keep planting so we started again with several varieties of lettuce, artichoke, a pumpkin, and a cantaloupe. The lettuce is starting to sprout:

And the white pumpkin:


LillyShayStyle said...

I can't wait to see your white pumpkin when it's grown!

Audrey said...

I have pumpkin seeds in the garden too, but it's to cold for them to germinate yet. My pumpkins are orange though. The white ones looks so cool as jack-o-lanterns.