May 10, 2010

As the weeks go by

So, May is officially upon us. Mothers Day was fun, but scattered. Most of the family had to work at some point or another throughout the day, so we were never really able to gather together. However, we showered my mother with love and affection and my aunt eve gave her a refreshing haircut! I had tried to buy flowers on my way home from work but the roadside floral vendor, who is always there, was not there that day. Ridiculous! The best day to sell flowers and youre not going to be open?Fortunately, I had purchased my mother some amazing hand-blended teas from Teaman on Etsy.

My garden has been pushing steadily along. I have some small squashes forming and am re-growing green onions for the third time. They seem to be forever regenerating!
My cousin even made some mild hot sauce from our garden using onions, scallions and peppers.We didn't have enough peppers, though. Hopefully soon we'll have a bigger harvest.

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cabin + cub said...

oh that ice tea looks so yummy and refreshing! ;)